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"Carolyn composes sumptuously melodic instrumentals that film vivid images in the brain. This is soundtrack music with a poet's ear."

-Michael Sutton, "erasing clouds" 1/2007


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Ink 19 (CD Review January 2007) by Kyrby Raine:

"Carolyn Southworth is one of the finest pure musicians I've ever heard.....I'll say it again and again to anyone who will take the time to listen to me. This is a trip through Southworth's world, and it is very worthwhile time spent. Somehow after listening to this fine work, I feel a greater sense of calm, yet an incredible, life-affirming sense of excitement and wonder. Few artists make me want to know them more, to know everything that makes them tick. Carolyn Southworth is one of them." 


At the End of the Day: 

At the end of a hectic day, it’s nice to cozy up in front of a crackling fire to relax and unwind. 


Life can go “sideways” sometimes, unless we learn to not take ourselves so seriously, and have some fun. 

Silver Lining:

Even on the darkest day, the sun will break through, and you will find a silver lining, if you just look for it. 

Once in a Lifetime: 

At one time or another, each of us has a once in a lifetime experience or opportunity.   

In My Fondest Dreams: 

Love song from the musical stage play “Abinadi”. (script by Jack R. Jenkins with music & lyrics by Carolyn L. Southworth.) 

Where Eagles Soar: 

During a cold blustery day, I was fascinated watching a family of bald eagles soaring and playing on the wind currents.  They were powerful, yet graceful.  In this song, the guitar represents the eagle’s cry.   


This is a tribute to my Scottish heritage. 

Anchor in the Storm: 

Everyone has a friend that is special.  This song is for mine:  (chorus lyrics)  “You are an anchor in the storm, you are the calm amidst the roar.  And love surrounds me, enfolds me, and brings me safely back to shore, and brings me safely back to shore.” 

In the Wake of the Storm: 

Walking on the beach after a winter storm, you will find yourself in a wake of destruction.  But after the storm passes there is calm and pristine beauty. 

Island Sunrise: 

The first rays of the rising sun gently break over the horizon of the Cascade Mountains, illuminating the dissipating morning fog, sparkling like precision cut diamonds on the water of Puget Sound. 


As night approaches, we can reflect on the day’s events, and then settle into the comfort and peacefulness of the day’s end.



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