"One of the bright aspects of Home For Christmas is Southworth’s stellar song choices by mixing traditional familiar Christmas carols with others that are less familiar, resulting in an album that has the feel of the first snowfall…fresh, vibrant and magical.... Southworth delivers her own Christmas musical gifts courtesy of two self composed songs. “First Snow” ...which is followed up by the regal “Shades Of White”.... If it reminds you of a David Lanz Paul Speer arrangement, well that’s because guitarist Paul Speer decides to pay a musical visit....Considering this album is somewhat of a standout Christmas album, don’t be surprised if Home For Christmas becomes a permanent resident of your future Christmas memories."

(review of "Home for Christmas" by Michael Debagge at Mainly Piano.com)

"The album's finer moment, is the utterly moving

Unseen Angel
......whether in the stripped down
version on the solo disc or with the orchestration,
this song alone is worth price of admission."
- Michael Debbage
(review of The Lullaby Album on Mainly Piano.com)


"Carolyn Southworth is one of the finest pure musicians I've ever heard.....Somehow after listening to this fine work,
I feel a greater sense of calm, yet an incredible,
life-affirming sense of excitement and wonder.
Few artists make me want to know them more,
to know everything that makes them tick.
Carolyn Southworth is one of them."
- Kyrby Rain
(Review of At the End of the Day at www.ink19.com )


"Home for Christmas"



By the Sea

"By the Sea"


"At the End of the Day"

"The Lullaby Album"

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