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Although born in Portland, Carolyn grew up in Pendleton, Oregon, where she began studying piano and violin.  Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, who was a violinist, and bandleader, Carolyn began studying the violin as well as the piano at the age of 5.  In her high school years she played violin and viola in her high school’s award winning orchestra. It was during this time that she formed a bluegrass band, Blue Mountain Grass, in which she was featured on guitar and fiddle. It was also while she was still in high school where her interest in music composition was sparked.

Carolyn began teaching both violin and piano while she was still in High School.  During the summer she also taught guitar and folk music. 

Carolyn went on to attend Brigham Young University as a music major, playing in a local bluegrass band for fun on the weekends called the Hobble Creek String Band, as well as playing viola in the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra.  She also continued to teach both violin and piano, and has been teaching ever since.  She tries to instill in her students, not only the desire to excel, but to also have a lot of fun with their music.

Image of ViolinsCarolyn married Ron Southworth in 1973 in Salt Lake City. Utah.  The couple has four children,and nine grandchildren.  Only her daughter, Jennifer Thomas, has followed in her musical footsteps, just recently releasing her own album Key of Sea.(2007)

The Southworth’s have lived most of their married life in the State of Washington, where Carolyn has kept very involved in music, teaching, performing and composing.  Over the years, Carolyn has published several works for a wide range of ensembles, including small orchestra, duets, trios, and quartets, from choral music to musical theater.  In 1989 she wrote the musical score and lyrics for the musical stage play “Abinadi”, (script by Jack R. Jenkins,) which has been performed extensively in the Pacific Northwest.  She has directed regional choirs for over 25 years, as well as performing in a Piano Trio (piano, violin & cello) for much of that time.  Carolyn is at home with all styles and genres of music, ranging from Classical to Contemporary, from Jazz to Celtic and from New Age to Soft Rock. 

Much of the inspiration for the music on her album, At the End of the Day, comes from her love of the water, boating, and the beauty she is surrounded by within the islands of the Puget Sound in Washington State.  Carolyn tries to create visual pictures in the mind with the music she writes, inviting the listener to become a part of that picture and experience the depth of emotion that each song evokes.  Her music has been described as haunting, evocative and healing, with uplifting, gorgeous poignant melodies.  Most of the songs she has written reflect either a place she has been, or an experience she has had, yet the music allows the listener to apply their own experiences to the soundscapes.  . 

She loves to spend time outdoors with her husband, particularly at the beach, in the mountains, or out on the water, and also enjoys photography and reading. Carolyn and her husband love to explore the beauties of nature, and see what is over the next “horizon.”           

Encouraged by her family members to record some of her music, in the spring of 2006, Carolyn worked with producer and Grammy Nominee Paul Speer.   The resulting collaboration was nothing short of spectacular.  Working with a talented ensemble of several other world-class musicians, including Grammy winner Nancy Rumbel, Douglas Barnett, Richard Warner, Steve Hill and Matthew Burgess, At the End of the Day has the sound and feel that people want to listen to over and over. Whether you are listening to her music to relax after a long day or to accompany you as you are driving in your car, Carolyn’s beautiful melodies and catchy rhythms will have you coming back for more and more.   

In 2009 Carolyn collaborated in a new musical endeavor “The Lullaby Album” as a joint effort with her daughter Jennifer Thomas. What started out to be a simple collection of lullabies for solo piano, evolved into pieces with full symphony orchestra. “Not everyone gets to work on a project of any kind, let alone something of this magnitude, with one of their children,” Carolyn recently stated. “It was a treat for both of us. We push each other and inspire one another in different ways, and that is great.” The Lullaby Album was inspired by one of her grandsons who had trouble falling asleep. “We feel that the solo piano disc of the lullabies is perfect for helping children to relax, but the fully orchestrated disc is intended for everyone of any age who want a little more to listen to.”

Carolyn's most recently release "Home for Christmas" (2011) is a timeless collection of familiar Christmas Carols as well as new compositions. Guitarist Paul Speer joins her on track 11 for "Shades of White", creating a serene and soothing soundscape.

Carolyn continues to teach both piano and violin, as well as compose. Music will always be a part of her life, and one of her greatest desires is to uplift others with that music. “Nothing can compare to touching someone’s heart with music.”


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